Job Fields Data Service

*Note: Analytics API has been deprecated as of Apr. 26, 2018. Customers should switch to the new Reporting API for any analytics integrations or to access reports as soon as possible.

Job Fields Data Service REST API can be accessed at  /analytics/job-fields. Each row represents a single association between a job and a job field.

As the result of performing the GET operation at /analytics/job-fields, job fields data is returned as a CSV or JSON file. Each field in the file corresponds to the job field property listed below. Only enabled job fields are included in the response.

To download data from Job Fields Data Service and save it to a job-fields-extract.csv file, use the following command:

curl -H ‘Accept: text/csv’ -H ‘X-SmartToken: <your_smarttoken>’ ‘’ > job-fields-extract.csv.

Tableau web connector for this data service:

List of fields in Job Fields Data Service:

    • Job ID (UUID) – identifier of the job.
    • Job Field Name (String) – name of the job field.
  • Job Field Value (String) – value of the job field.