Access Scopes


Most of the Customer API endpoints require prior authorization by your app’s user. To get that authorization, your application will first need to make a call to the SmartRecruiters dedicated endpoint (see OAuth 2.0 page for details), passing along a list of the scopes for which access permission is sought.

How many scopes should I request?

Scopes let you specify exactly what types of data your app wants to access, and the set of scopes you pass in your call determines what access permissions the user is asked to grant.
Note: Not passing a list of scopes with the authorization call with use default scopes you have defined when registering your App.

You should only request the scope you need at the time of authorization. If in the future you require additional scope, you may forward the user to the authorization URL with that additional scope to be granted. If you attempt to perform a request with an access token that is not authorized for that scope, you will receive an OAuthPermissionsException error return.

Separating multiple scopes

To request multiple scopes at once, simply separate the scopes by a space. In the url, this equates to an escaped space (“%20”). So if you are requesting candidate read and write permission, the parameter will look like this:


Note that an empty scope parameter (scope=) is invalid; you must either omit the scope, or specify a non-empty scope list.

Example confirmation page

Take a look at example Java and Node.js Apps to find out how to use the scopes and how to implement the OAuth 2.0 flow.

On execution of the authorization request call, user is redirected to a page explaining what information has been requested by an App:

Sought Confirmation Page

List of available Access Scopes

Scope Access permissions sought Prompt shown to user
candidates_read Read access to user’s candidates list, details, tags, onboarding status, properties, attachments, screening answers and status history. Access Candidates
candidates_create Add new candidate records on behalf of a user and assign to a General Application or to a Job by uploading a resume or by passing a JSON object. Add attachments. Create Candidates
candidates_offers_read Read access to candidates’ offers and get offer terms. Access Offer Terms
candidates_manage Write access to candidate’s status, onboarding status, tags, source and properties Manage Candidate Status and Properties
candidate_status_read Read access to candidate’s status history. Access Candidate’s status
job_applications_read Read access to job applications Access job applications
configuration_read Read access to all company configuration settings for departments, hiring processes, job properties and offer properties. (NOTE: Requires an Admin user role) Access Company Settings
configuration_manage Write / delete access to all company configuration settings for departments and job properties. (NOTE: Requires an Admin user role) Manage Company Settings
jobs_read Read access to user’s jobs list and details. Access Jobs
jobs_manage Write access to user’s jobs, its hiring team and notes. Manage jobs
jobs_publications_manage Write / delete access to user’s jobs publications. Publish Jobs
users_read Read access to users in a company. (NOTE: Requires an Admin user role) Access Users
user_me_read Read access to current user. Access information about my user
users_manage Write / delete access to users in a company. (NOTE: Requires an Admin user role) Manage Users
messages_write Create messages to other users. Message Users
messages_manage Delete access to messages. Manage Messages
messages_read Access candidate messages. Access messages 
analytics_read Read access to analytics data. Access Analytics
company_read Get company information. Access Company Information
audit_events_read Read access to audit events. Access Audit Events


Get analytics reports and download report files. Get analytics reports and download report files


Manage/execute analytics reports. Manage/execute analytics reports.
interview_types_read Read list of interview types. Access Interview Types.
interview_types_write Write or delete access to  manage interview types. Create and delete Interview Types.


Create, update or delete interviews. Create, update and delete Interviews and Timeslots.
interviews_read Read interviews. Access Interviews and Timeslots.
webhooks_read Read user’s webhook subscriptions and get details of specific subscription. View webhook subscriptions.
webhooks_write Create new webhook subscriptions. Create new webhook subscription.
webhooks_delete Delete webhook subscriptions.

Delete webhook subscription.

webhooks_manage Create, read and delete webhook subscriptions

View, create and delete webhook subscriptions.

reviews_read Read access to reviews

Access Reviews

reviews_write Write access to reviews

Create, update and delete reviews

approvals_read Read access to job and offer approvals

Access job and offer approval requests

approvals_create Write access to job and offer approvals

Create new job and offer approval requests

assessment_orders_read Read access to assessment orders

Access Assessment Orders