API Changelog


Candidate API Updates

With the introduction of Parallel Applications functionality, we are deprecating Candidate API endpoints that no longer represent the current data model. If you are using any of the deprecated endpoints today, you must migrate to the corresponding alternative endpoints by November 29, 2018. 

We will be extending the life of these endpoints until January 31, 2019 to provide customers with more time to adjust their integrations. We recommend migrating integrations to the alternate version of the endpoint as soon as possible. 

Read more about these updates: https://dev.smartrecruiters.com/customer-api/january-2018-updates/ 

Deprecated endpoints

Alternative endpoints

PUT /candidates/{id}/onboardingStatus

PUT /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/onboardingStatus

GET /candidates/{id}/onboardingStatus

GET /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/onboardingStatus

GET /candidates/{id}/properties

GET /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/properties

PUT /candidates/{id}/properties/{propertyId}   

PUT /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/properties/{propertyId}

PUT /candidates/{id}/status

PUT /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/status

GET /candidates/{id}/status/history

GET /candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/status/history

APRIL 2018

Analytics API Deprecated

Endpoints in the Analytics API has been deprecated as of Apr. 26, 2018. These endpoints will function for existing integrations through Feb. 28, 2019, with the exception of the Interviews data service which will be made available to customers until April 30, 2019.

Customers should switch to the new Reporting API for any analytics integrations or to access reports as soon as possible.

Configuration API GET:/users endpoints moved to User API

We’ve extracted the Users API endpoints originally part of the Customer API into its own API now called User API. There should be no changes to any pre-existing functionality provided by those endpoints. We have added Access Group functionality to the User API.

We also released an updated version of the API that points to a slightly different endpoint URL. This may affect existing integrations. Please check your integration to make sure it’s working as expected.