Application API


The Application API enables our customers and partners to integrate the SmartRecruiters application process into their own career site or job board while maintaining full control of the candidate experience. With the Application API, the candidate can submit their application without visiting the SmartRecruiters job ad.

The Application API exposes the full candidate application, allows new applications to be submitted, and exposes the status of applications previously submitted through the API.

The following endpoints are exposed:

Endpoint 1 – Get Application Screening Questions

Use this endpoint to fetch the required screening and diversity questions and privacy policies for a specific job:
GET /postings/:uuid/configuration

Endpoint 2 – Create a New Candidate Application

Use this endpoint to create a new application in SmartRecruiters for a specific job:
POST /postings/:uuid/candidates

Endpoint 3 – Get Candidate Application Status

Use this endpoint to get the application status of a specific candidate for a specific job:
GET /postings/:uuid/candidates/:candidateId/status

Mandatory Addition to the Application Process

Along with the screening questions data that we expose via this endpoint, the following must be included as part of the application process:

  • Separate diversity from non-diversity questions: questions with the complianceType “DIVERSITY” must be presented below all other questions. Note: you should always display the questions in the order they are provided. If you do this, the diversity questions will always be below the others.
  • Include a “Confidential Diversity Questions” instruction above diversity questions:
    Confidential Diversity Questionnaire Any information you choose to provide will not be considered for employment purposes and will be treated as confidential. Your voluntary cooperation will be appreciated.
  • Add this link to the question with id:”eeoInformation”. (Definitions of Race and Ethnicity)
  • Add “(definitions)” to the question with id:”ofccpVeteransForm”. Are you a protected veteran? (definitions)
  • Add “(definitions)” to the question with id:”ofccpDisability”. Do you have (or previously had) a disability? (definitions)
  • Add the SmartRecruiters privacy policy text and a link at the bottom of the application:
    By clicking submit, you agree to SmartRecruiters’ privacy policy and, in particular, you expressly agree to the transfer of your personal information for the purposes described in that policy.