Get Candidate Application Status

Endpoint 3 – Get a Candidate Application Status

GET /postings/:uuid/candidates/:candidateId/status

Use this endpoint to get the application status of a specific candidate against a specific job and expose it in your interface so the candidate can see what status they are in for the job.

  • “X-SmartToken” HTTP header should be added for each request.
  • Endpoint accepts the Posting UUID and Candidate Id as path params. The Candidate Id is returned as part of the candidate object when creating a candidate.

Endpoint returns the following example object

    "status": "IN-REVIEW",
Property Definition
NEW Candidate Applied
IN-REVIEW Candidate is being reviewed by the hiring team
INTERVIEW Candidate is being interviewed by the hiring team
OFFER Candidate received an offer
HIRE Candidate was hired
REJECTED Candidate was rejected
WITHDRAWN Candidate has withdrawn interest
LEAD Candidate is considered for the job but has not applied
TRANSFERRED Candidate has been transferred away from the job to another