Assessment API


The Assessment API allows our customers to order the assessment services that are available through our marketplace and allows you, our partners, to interface with the SmartRecruiters marketplace to provide and manage those services.

Every time a customer buys a test or service, you will be notified about the order and a new AssessmentOrder object will be available in the API for you to process. The assessment API will also provide you with methods to accept, cancel or update the state of the assessment order.

The API will also allow you to add comments, submit results of assessments and upload attachments to particular assessment results.

REST endpoint

Assessment API and the functionalities can be managed using the /assessments endpoint. You can find a detailed description of available methods, request parameters and response structure in the API Reference pages: /assessments


The sub-sections below describe the most common use cases of Assessment API. They include examples that show how to consume and update assessment orders and how to submit the results.