In-line assessment ordering process

We allow our customers to configure one in-line assessment offer a per hiring process. Each job created by our customer is linked to exactly one hiring process.

When a candidate applies to a job which has a hiring process with an in-line assessment configured, we send a POST request to your order-handling service. InlineAssessmentOrderRequest object is sent as a payload of the request.

We expect that your service responds with InlineAssessmentOrderResponse object and HTTP code 200. In case of a failure your service should respond with HTTP code 4xx or 5xx. Optional error message can be provided in “rejectionReason” field of InlineAssessmentOrderResponse object.

Instantly after receiving a response from the service, we redirect a candidate to a URL which you provided in “inlineAssessmentUrl field of InlineAssessmentOrderResponse object. After completing your assessment the candidate must be redirected back to the URL provided in “completedAssessmentCallbackUrl” field of InlineAssessmentOrderRequest object.

As the last step you have to submit a result of the assessment. You can find more information on submitting a result here.

Note: When a candidate finishes application process we automatically create an assessment order and mark it as completed. When you submit an in-line assessment result we automatically attach it to the order. You can browse the orders using Assessment API.

Example of InlineAssessmentOrderRequest object:

    "applicationOperationId": "9ee2f66a-ea6f-11e9-81b4-2a2ae2dbcce4",
    "candidate": {
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Smith",
      "email": "",
      "language": "en"
    "completedAssessmentCallbackUrl": "",
    "assessmentResultUrl": "",
    "partnerClientId": "SmithsRestaurants",
    "partnerInlineAssessmentTypeId": "CooperationSkillsTest",
    "offerCatalogId": "ab-32-gf-asd",
    "job": {
	"uuid": "aaf65646-ed93-4c16-950b-cea69773efba",
	"location": {
		"country": "US",
		"city": "San Francisco",
		"region": "CA",
                "address": "6054 Shook Road"
	"customFields": [
            "fieldId": "5a3a2f5225f6d07d0721e105",
            "fieldLabel": "Brand",
            "valueId": "default",
            "valueLabel": "Silo"
    "company": {
        "id": "511a3942300469a9c33819d1",
        "name": "Orlando Magic Inc."

Example of InlineAssessmentOrderResponse object:

   "inlineAssessmentUrl": "",
   "rejectionReason": ""