Enables you to accept an assessment order.
Also, allows passing to SmartRecruiters a URL to an assessment, together with a plain text message to Candidate. This information is then surfaced on a Candidate Portal.



Path Parameters

name type description
assessmentOrderId string unique id of an assessment order

Query Parameters


Request Body

Instance of AssessmentComment

Response Body

Instance of AssessmentOrder

Example request

curl -i -H "X-SmartToken:abc123" -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8" -d @body.json -X POST

Example request body

    "message": "We are starting work on this. This assessment should take about 3 business days.",
    "assessmentURL": "",
    "messageToCandidate": "Hi Mark, Orlando Magic Inc. asked us to perform an assessment for you. Please follow steps under the below link: Wish you luck!",
    "author": {
        "firstName": "John",
        "lastName": "Mnemonic",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "(123) 321 32 1231"

Example response

    "id": "511a3942300469a9c33819d1",
    "status": "IN_PROGRESS",
    "createDate": "2013-03-07T13:34:40.137+0000",
    "lastUpdateDate": "2013-03-07T13:34:40.137+0000",
    "requestor": {
        "firstName": "Rob",
        "lastName": "Kaman",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "(415) 111-2222"
    "candidate": {
        "id": "e63dfcab300260b2591f585126ede56627db4ef8",
        "firstName": "Mark",
        "lastName": "Hunt",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "(415) 111-2222",
        "addressLine": "409 North Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801, United States"
    "job": {
        "id": "e63dfcab300260b2591f585126ede56627db4e11",
        "name": "Senior Ruby Developer",
        "industry": {
            "id": "computer_software",
            "label": "Computer Software"
        "function": {
            "id": "engineering",
            "label": "Engineering"
        "experienceLevel": {
            "id": "mid_senior_level",
            "label": "senior"
        "location": {
            "country": "US",
            "region": "FL",
            "city": "Orlando"
    "company": {
        "id": "511a3942300469a9c33811d1",
        "name": "Orlando Magic Inc."
    "offer": {
        "catalogId": "bbb-444-111",
        "name": "Senior Ruby Developer Skill Test"