"id": "511a3942300469a9c33819d8",
    "createDate": "2013-03-08T09:53:44.863+0000",
    "title": "Enterprise Java Beans test results",
    "description": "Mr. Jet Li demonstrated outstanding Java Skills and we believe he will be a great Senior Java Developer",
    "passed": true,
    "score": "98/100",
    "resultType": "URL",
    "result": "",
    "author": {
        "firstName": "John",
        "lastName": "Mnemonic",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "(123) 321 32 1231"

Fields description

 name  type  description
id string unique id of an assessment result
createDate date create date of this assessment result
title string title of result
description string free text description of resultAllowed HTML tags:
a, img, strong, b, em, i, u, p, ol, ul, li, pre, code, blockquote, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5

Supported attributes:
href, src, width, height, alt, title, target, class, rel

passed boolean indicator if a test was passed. possible values are: true, false
score string free text indicating the score that candidate get
resultType string type of the passed result; when left empty, defaults to ‘document’; available values: document, videoStream, videoURL, URL, generatedURL
result string depending on the resultType:
– ‘resultType’ = URL, videoURL -> ‘result’ contains a URL (validation is performed)
– ‘resultType’ = videoStream -> ‘result’ contains a video player HTML
– ‘resultType’ = document, generatedURL -> ‘result’ is ignored
author object author of the result. Instance of ContactPerson