"expirationDate": "2013-02-26T12:50:02.594+0000",
    "industries": [
            "id": "computer_software",
            "label" : "Computer Software"
            "id": "internet",
            "label" : "Internet"
    "locations": [
            "country": "US",
            "region": "CA",
            "city": "San Francisco"
    "companies": [
    "specialOffer": "25% OFF"

Fields description

 name typE  description
expirationDate string  offer will not be available after this date
industries list list of Industry objects
locations list list of Location objects
companies string legal values are: ALL, INVITED_BY_ME.
ALL – all companies can see the offer
INVITED_BY_ME – only companies that were invited to SmartRecruiters by partner creating the offer can see the offer
specialOffer string if set, an offer becomes a special offer. Label entered here is presented on a banner describing the offer.