Updating ssoIdentifier

Follow those steps when you want to change the ssoIdentifier of a SmartRecruiters user:

1. To get your SmartRecruiters API key, please login to your SmartRecruiters account, go to Settings/Admin and then to API/Integrations (if you are already logged in you can use this link). Please keep in mind that you have to have SmartRecruiters Admin account in Corporate Plan to be able to see this page.
Copy your SmartRecruiters API key value.

2. Navigate to our Live Docs page and go to the GET /users endpoint. At the top of the page, in the X-SmartToken field please paste your SmartRecruiters API key that you got in step 1. Scroll down to the GET /user endpoint, in the “q” field type the email address of the SmartRecruiters user that you want to change ssoIdentifier for. Click on “Try it out!” button. From the Response Body result, copy the “id” value of the user in question

3. Scroll down to the PATCH /users/{id} endpoint or use this link. Make sure that the X-SmartToken is still in place at the top of the page. In the “id” field please paste the user’s id value that you got in step 2 of this guide. In the “JSONPatch” field please provide the following string:


where the “sso_identifier_for_the_user_usually_email” will be the new ssoIdentifier for the user in question (that is usually this person’s email indeed). Click on “Try it out!” button.

If the PATCH is performed correctly, in Response Body you should see an user object that has been updated. This means that the ssoIdentifier for the user has been successfully changed.