Once installed, you can display jobs by integrating a simple hashcode into any WordPress page. The simpliest version of hashcode looks like this:


This shows list with all jobs with locations.

Filtering Jobs

You can display jobs based on department and location. The location entered when you post a job through SmartRecruiters is automatically recognized by the Job Manager. Department is categorized by the company admin within your SmartRecruiters Software. To filter, it’s very simple – just add location or department parameter:

#smartrecruiters_job_list:location=San Francisco

Of course you can put multiple locations and departments – just separate them by comma:

#smartrecruiters_job_list:location=New York,San Francisco,Los Angeles

You can mix these two filters by separating them with ‘&’:

#smartrecruiters_job_list:department=Development,Finance,HR,Marketing&location=New York,San Francisco,Los Angeles

Hashcode generator:

If you don’t want write hashcode manually, you can use our hashcode generator (you can find it in Plugins > Job Manager by SmartRecruiters).

To generate hashcode select locations and departments (for multiple select hold ‘CTRL’ or ‘CMD’ (Mac OS X) key), copy the hashcode from textfield, and paste into any page or post content.